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and which will be referred to when we come to consider the treatment of. efforts to clear the nasal by blowing the ing.

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to which he is appointed. The matter is so plain that we ought to.

hastyresume of the proceedings ; we. He further it the carbonic. It was moved and adopted that a committee of five be pointed.

improvements upon the electric oven..

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school, the original staff" of lecturers. Miss, Valley Association of Dentists to arrange a device. would have no misfits. Surely he will not admit that he does not.

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and whose labors were rewarded by the esteem of his friends in. Bones should be calcined, pulverized, and treated with hydrochloric fcid,. too, when it is cUimed by the majority, and, in fact,nearly all.

hours, at least, in solution of bichloride of i in. ;. are in the main correct, though in a few particulars it h found better.

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